We offer services to the five boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island). The service to the district is new and we take pride in serving the very dynamic, ethnically-diverse community within our physical location and zoning area. Unicare Medical Supply Inc. provides a solution to the essential need for medical equipment and supplies to those patients who often have to travel outside their perimeter to receive these products and services.

  • We are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in fulfilling home medical equipment and supply needs.
  • We will answer all your questions or provide you with the most appropriate guidance to your queries.
  • We work with reputable suppliers, and are very selective in what products, vendors and manufacturers we select as our partners.
  • Our suppliers have high-quality, reliable and durable products that are fully capable of meeting the needs of each individual.

  • We credit our company success to our superior customer service.
  • We will offer and guide you to knowledgeable information to assist you in your decision making
  • We well work with your doctor to provide the care that is essential to your health and conditions. Unicare Medical Supply Inc. services are complimented by rental equipment and free delivery on all prescribed supplies.



Unicare Medical Supply Inc. is fully accredited by The Compliance Team, a nationally-recognized healthcare accreditation organization that provides industry-leading Exemplary Provider Accreditation services.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide patients with the highest possible quality medical equipment and supplies to ease their standard of living by offering outstanding customer care and service to each of our own clients as well as our referral sources. To realize these HEALTHCARE challenges, we at Unicare Medical Supply Inc. are committed to focusing all of our attention on patients’ needs.

  • We are passionate about our business and CONTINUE to work hard to build a strong client base.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE is our top priority; we are committed to excellence.
  • We are committed to providing quality products and aim to provide the absolute best for our customers.
  • Customer satisfaction is a critical part of our business strategy and we are committed to offering superior service.

Through our highly qualified, friendly staff we meet and exceed the expectations of those who require home healthcare equipment.

Exceeding by…

  • Knowing our customers are the reason we exist.
  • Providing superb customer service while providing quality and reliable products.
  • Building relationships with our customers that exceed their expectations.

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